I miss THEM !

10:18 PM

yeahh here we go! today i wrote this entry, im trying to write in english because im trying to proved my skills :) sorry if i made any mistake in my writing :) yes! i miss them! who "THEM" ? yeahh totally my best friend lahh :) here we go one by one :)

this is FARRAH JULIANA ANIZAN ! she is my twin! we know each other last year. becoz she close to my "ex" once ago. huhu. i love her so much coz she understand me much! she keep give me support during my critical time! haha love her much lahh! 

she! 'AISYAH 'IZZATI ! my the only one in a million in this world ! i love her so much much much ! haha have been never meet since 2009! so long ago :( i miss her so much wehh! she's my best friend ever ! 

and the last :) she! SHARMAINE NISHA ! haha actually i don't know her name correctly. haha. meet her at FB :) getting close since this year :) she is really cute much person! see da picture lahh! haha. happy go lucky. nice to talk with her :) 

lastly i MISS all of them much! 

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